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Since our establishment in 1999, Tsunami Axis has expanded its footprint across the UK and Europe, expanding to eight showrooms and serving the furniture needs of some of the world’s most prominent companies.

As the largest accredited stockist of MillerKnoll outside North America, we offer unrivalled access to over 300 top furniture brands, allowing us to provide unparalleled product expertise and quality to each of our projects.

Our continued growth is fuelled by the enduring relationships we have forged with our clients, architects, designers, and team members. We take pride in nurturing these connections and delivering exceptional results for each and every one of them.




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Where we are today

We have showrooms in London, Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Luxembourg and Frankfurt, as well as a Service Centre located in Cambridge that offers comprehensive logistical and storage solutions.

Our extensive network has been instrumental in our ability to execute projects across the globe, delivering consistent results that exceed our clients’ expectations time and time again. With our unparalleled expertise in logistics, storage, and furniture procurement, we’re equipped to handle every aspect of the project, from start to finish.

Our clients

TA Divisions

TA Labs

TA Labs offers advanced laboratory systems to the medical, research, and educational sectors through our partnership with CHC, a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Our laboratory systems are highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique space and project requirements of each client, making them truly unique in the marketplace. CHC’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Korea is the largest of its kind, allowing us to produce and store systems on a large scale. This enables us to offer reduced delivery times of up to one third compared to industry standards, making TA Labs a top choice for clients who value speed, efficiency, and quality.

Reach out to the TA Labs team on hello@ta-labs.org


Fabric blends over two decades of Tsunami Axis FF&E procurement know-how with operational and creative expertise, to deliver outstanding projects within the Hospitality and PBSA sectors.

Supporting every step of your project journey with loose furnishings, our highly skilled and experienced team work closely to specify, procure, deliver and install your project on time and within budget.

To speak with the Fabric team, reach out on fabric@tsunami-axis.com. Find more information here.


EcoClear tackles the environmental waste challenge in the corporate sector, combating the disposal of commercial furniture and electrical waste going to landfill. Through the development and implementation of ethical clearance strategies, EcoClear adopts a zero-to-landfill approach with a four-tier channel distribution system: re-selling, charity donations, raw material recycling, and energy generation from waste.

As vastly increasing numbers of businesses seek ways of evidencing their transition to Net Zero, EcoClear offers a GHG Protocol framework carbon reporting tool, covering Scope 3 (upstream and downstream value chain) and Scope 4 (avoided) carbon emissions. This demonstrates the carbon emissions saved by avoiding landfill and supports our clients ongoing commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions.

A sustainable approach to move management and long term offsite storage is also available.

For guidance on achieving NetZero goals, contact EcoClear at ecoclear@tsunami-axis.com and learn more here.

What matters to us


From pre-project to after-care we offer exceptional service. We do this consistently, even in complex conditions, to provide the most professional service in the industry.


Our in-depth knowledge and proven methodology add value to every project. By sourcing exactly the right products to meet a client’s long-term needs, we make quality count.


From design and planning, to project management, installation and after-care – we cover all aspects of a furniture project. This in-house expertise ensures we have the capability to manage large-scale, international projects with ease.


We value long-term relationships. Our accreditations, excellent after-care and a reputation as a ‘safe-pair-of-hands’ ensure that over 60% of clients return to us as their trusted go-to partner.


We are ISO 14001 accredited and full members of FIRA. We evaluate all manufacturers, based on their environmental performance. We seek sustainable options across our projects – from recycling and waste management, to efficient logistics and sustainable after-care services.


A commitment to corporate social responsibility shapes how we work with staff, contractors and clients. We also enjoy giving back to the community – through our charity fundraisers and support for the UK construction industry.

Giving Back

We’re proud to support a variety of charities through donations and fundraising activities.

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