Clarus Appoint Tsunami Axis as Exclusive Distribution Partner in the EMEA

When Clarus’ founders set out in 2009 to change the world of visual communication, they followed in the footsteps of inventors Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak by creating their business in a family garage.

In the years that followed, the international design community looked on as Clarus blazed a trail becoming the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of glass dry-erase communication & collaboration systems. By 2018 Clarus had also established a presence in the UK, Europe & Middle East, where the brand experienced prompt and exponential momentum indicative of its early growth in the US.

We find ourselves readjusting to an event that changed the world, and like many businesses, Clarus did not come out of 2020 the way it went in. But with change comes adaptation, and for Clarus, this was the appointing of Tsunami Axis as their new and exclusive Distribution Partners in the EMEA.

This partnership sees the continued provision of Clarus’ industry-leading visual communication solutions, complimented by Tsunami’s 22 years’ expertise in supporting customers across the EMEA.

For more information contact

Nick Laughton
Director EMEA
+44 (0)7984682226

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