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Introducing our second project in collaboration with a prominent Global Software Company, centred on the refurbishment of their Munich office. Building on the success of our previous partnership at their Cambridge location, we are honoured to have been chosen once more to elevate their workspace.

Designing for Success

Our Design Manager, Riddhi Lodhia, played a pivotal role in shaping the project's success. She delved deep into furniture positioning, reimagining spaces, optimising layouts, and selecting products to enhance the office's functionality and aesthetics. Riddhi provided our client with an array of options and variations, allowing them to choose what resonated best with their vision. Moreover, she meticulously crafted technical design plans for task desking, ensuring a seamless translation of the design onto the office floor plan.

Riddhi's dedication extended to regular consultations with the client, where we fine-tuned space planning and product choices, ensuring that every detail aligned with their preferences. We went the extra mile by offering product samples, making it easier for our client to make informed decisions. To alleviate any concerns, our in-house design team produced 3D visuals for the 'Huddle Rooms', offering a comprehensive preview of the end result.

Project Success

Navigating a tight and ever-evolving schedule, we successfully delivered the project, exceeding expectations. Notably, we managed to complete the project below budget, a testament to our commitment to cost-effective, high-quality solutions. Our client's satisfaction with the outcome was so profound that they subsequently engaged us for a project in Italy, reinforcing the strength of our partnership.

Design Highlights

Mirroring the Cambridge office, each floor in the Munich office boasts a unique colour theme. However, in Munich, there's a distinct juxtaposition of architectural concrete walls and floors against warm wood panelling and fixtures. This fusion creates a serene atmosphere, which is echoed in our carefully selected furniture pieces.

The reception area is adorned with COR armchairs, characterised by their soft, inviting lines and welcoming textures, ensuring visitors experience warmth and relaxation from the moment they enter. Our innovative adaptation of Herman Miller D-Shape tables in the 'Huddle' rooms optimises smaller spaces, creating an ideal setting for intimate meetings while keeping costs in check.

Prioritising employee wellbeing, the Wellness Room features the Sedus Lounge Chair and Foot Stool, encouraging employees to take moments for themselves. Nurus pods, equipped with small height-adjustable desks, provide focused and ergonomic workstations. Complemented by Herman Miller Setu chairs for the ultimate in comfort.


Sustainability is a core pillar of both ours and the clients design philosophy . To minimise waste, we reused half of the task chairs from the existing site, embracing a circular economy approach. Our commitment to supporting local businesses led us to choose manufacturers such as Brunner, Wilkhahn, and Sedus. As a result, reducing our carbon footprint while bolstering regional enterprises.

Leveraging Past Experience

Our previous collaboration meant we had a unique understanding of the client's standards and specific preferences. This allowed us to effortlessly incorporate their unique requirements into the Munich project, resulting in a cohesive and tailored outcome. As a team, we have cultivated a profound knowledge of our client, further fortifying our ability to meet and exceed their expectations.

At Tsunami Axis, we take immense pride in our role in transforming the Munich office for this esteemed Global Software Company. This project epitomises our dedication to crafting functional, visually appealing workspaces that prioritise employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability. The project's resounding success underscores our expertise in delivering efficient, top-quality solutions that leave a lasting impact.

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