At the heart of the City of London's financial district, 22 Bishopsgate stands tall as a testament to AXA IM's vision of creating Europe's first vertical village. As part of this ambition, they wanted to provide their own people with a workplace that prioritised wellness, sustainability, and amenities. To achieve this, they engaged Tsunami Axis as furniture consultants to create a collection of furniture for their communal spaces, meeting rooms, and focus areas.


We collaborated with T P Bennett, the architects on this project, throughout. In particular, we worked closely with the design team and key stakeholders to conduct an exhaustive sampling and mock-up program, exposing AXA to the diverse range of products available in the market. We also hosted furniture workshops, giving project leads at AXA the opportunity to interact with the pieces before final selection.


One of the major achievements of the project was the creation of bespoke furniture for the client meeting suite. Working with a bespoke joinery company, Tsunami Axis created a flexible space that can adapt to different settings while maintaining an executive and permanent aesthetic. We also liaised with a locker and storage manufacturer to create a bespoke solution that supported a total agile environment.

The Result

The furniture collection includes custom-made pieces that are both stylish and functional, designed to promote a positive and collaborative working environment. Tsunami Axis' expertise in furniture consultancy and own dedication to sustainability has allowed us to create pieces that met AXA IM's high standards. The final result is a space that inspires creativity and innovation, while also prioritising the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. By creating this remarkable workplace, AXA IM has set a new standard for sustainable and amenity-focused offices, paving the way for the future of workplace design.



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