In the heart of Shoreditch, American networking systems and software giant Ciena has embarked on a new chapter with the establishment of their office in The Bard building. At the forefront of this transformative project was Tsunami Axis, the trusted furniture supplier, building on the success of a previous collaboration with Ciena in 2018.

The Brief

Ciena's vision for their new London office space was to cultivate a collaborative environment that seamlessly integrates with their corporate ethos while emphasising sustainability. Tasked with translating this vision into reality, Tsunami Axis eagerly embraced the challenge, working closely with renowned architects Fletcher Priest to bring the design to life.


As the appointed furniture supplier, Tsunami Axis played a pivotal role in ensuring that Fletcher Priest's interior specifications were realised through the selection and sourcing of furniture.

The synergy between Tsunami Axis and Fletcher Priest was a contributing factor to the success of the project. Both teams collaborated seamlessly to curate a workspace that exceeded Ciena's expectations. From open collaborative areas to private workspaces, each element of the design was carefully considered to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.


A key highlight of this collaborative effort was the commitment to sustainability. Tsunami Axis, in alignment with Ciena's green initiatives, spearheaded the reuse and refurbishment of existing furniture from the company's previous office in Worship St.

A remarkable 80% of Ciena's original furniture found a second life, with Tsunami Axis overseeing the reupholstery of soft seating like the Vitra Eames Soft Pad Chairs. Additionally, existing furniture, such as Herman Miller Tables, underwent a meticulous respraying process to not only refresh their appearance but also to integrate them into the new colour scheme.

For the new additions required to complete the office space, Tsunami Axis was committed to partnering with manufacturers who shared a dedication to sustainability. Collaborating with industry leaders such as MillerKnoll and Hay, the furniture supplied ensured transparency in their production processes and materials, aligning perfectly with Ciena's eco-conscious desires.

Success and Impact

The completion of Ciena's London office in The Bard building stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Ciena, Tsunami Axis, and the architects at Fletcher Priest. The fusion of innovative design and commitment to sustainability has resulted in a workspace that not only meets the functional needs of Ciena's employees but also reflects the company's dedication to environmental responsibility. Tsunami Axis is proud to have played a crucial role in transforming Ciena's vision into a tangible, sustainable reality.

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