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In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve demands innovation, collaboration, and a space that embodies the cutting-edge nature of the industry. Our recent collaboration with a global leader in technology solutions exemplifies this ethos. We transformed their vision into reality through the design and curation of an immersive Experience Centre. This centre acts as a hub for showcasing emerging technologies, fostering collaboration, and hosting a diverse range of events that capture the essence of the brand's commitment to innovation.

A Collaborative Approach

Our team's approach was collaborative and comprehensive. We presented the client with curated furniture options, offering compliant choices as well as alternatives that considered factors like lead times and customisation. To ensure satisfaction, we set up a showcase mock-up of the proposed furniture. This allowed the client to physically experience and critique each piece before making final decisions.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The space was designed with inclusivity in mind. Every corner, including the interactive pods, was made wheelchair accessible. This commitment to accessibility reflects the brand's dedication to ensuring that their innovations are available to all.

Elevating Sustainability and Aesthetics

In pursuit of sustainable practices and personalised aesthetics, we embarked on a journey of bespoke material integration, utilising Customer's Own Material (COM). 'Ultra Leather' (faux) met their Greenguard Gold Certification requirements and allowed us to replace any fabrics that did not. This meticulous process began with proactive engagement as we reached out to manufacturers to assess the feasibility of incorporating custom material into their furniture creations.

Ultra Leather was dispatched to the manufacturer's facility, where it underwent precise fitting onto the selected furniture pieces. Rigorous testing ensued, subjecting the material-furniture synergy to comprehensive evaluations. This phase, encompassing viability establishment, dispatch of testing quantities, creation of sample furniture, and subsequent assessments, spans approximately a month.

Upon successful completion of meticulous assessments, the green light is given for the full Ultra Leather order, which then journeys to the factory. Furniture pieces, including the esteemed Humanscale Boardroom Chairs, Davison Highley's Bertie poufs and Wendelbo's Lilin sofa all went through this process.

Tech-Integrated Excellence

The boardroom table requirements presented complex technological demands. We introduced the Opus Magnum table, an impressive piece that seamlessly integrated power outlets, tech infrastructure, and storage cubbies.

Storage and Logistics

Navigating logistical challenges, we leveraged our warehouse in Germany, resulting in cost savings for the client. We were also able to minimise import charges due to our registered company status in Germany.

'Local Here Local There' Philosophy

The embodiment of the 'Local Here Local There' philosophy is exemplified by our strategic presence in Frankfurt. Facilitating seamless communication with German project stakeholders and discussing intricacies and requirements in the native language. Meanwhile, our UK team fosters a close connection with the client's London-based team, ensuring a cohesive understanding of objectives and preferences. This dual-location advantage empowers us to operate adeptly both within local contexts and on a broader international canvas.

This multi-location prowess isn't solely about transcending geographical boundaries; it's about crafting unparalleled synergy between local insights and global proficiency. Whether collaborating intimately with local stakeholders or executing projects on an expansive international stage, our presence underscores our commitment to comprehensive and effective project management.

The Path Forward

Through the creation of this immersive Experience Centre, we've successfully brought our client's vision to life. This space stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. By crafting an environment that showcases emerging technologies and facilitates interaction, we've helped them cultivate a lasting impact that invokes awe and inspiration in all who visit.

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Global Technology Leader


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