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Every project represents a unique opportunity to transform a workspace into an environment that echoes our client's identity. Our journey with Houlihan Lokey, a leading global investment bank, had seen us work together on projects across Europe. This collaboration was instrumental in understanding the DNA of their office spaces and replicating precisely what they envisioned.

Our intimate knowledge of the client meant we could not only grasp their vision but also execute it efficiently. This understanding allowed us to deliver within a tighter timeframe, an essential requirement for Houlihan Lokey. The close-knit relationships we've cultivated with our supply partners over the years were key to achieving set deadlines.

Harmonious Collaboration Across Borders

Our London and Frankfurt teams worked seamlessly to bring the Houlihan Lokey Munich project to life. The expertise and experience from both sides of the company worked hand in hand, ensuring that every detail, no matter how intricate, was addressed with precision.

Thoughtful Furniture Selections

With a preference for simple sophistication, the emphasis was on clean lines and a neutral palette. For communal areas, we turned to the timeless design of the A-Chair by Danish-American Designer Jens Risom. Its defining feature lies in its graphic contour and iconic back view, where a distinctive frame cradles the entire chair, marrying artistry with comfort.

In the boardroom, the choice was equally deliberate. Workbench's Flite boardroom table with its elegant, tapered legs and comprehensive technology integrations, seamlessly combines timeless design with modern functionality.

Success Beyond Expectations

Efficiency was the cornerstone of this project's success, exemplified by our ability to deliver on a short schedule. We picked up elements of the project that Houlihan Lokey initially wanted to outsource to other companies. However, these companies were unable to deliver within the timeframes that we could.

What's more, we did all of this under budget, demonstrating our commitment to cost-effective project management.

A Greener Approach

By reusing existing products from their London offices, incorporating items that had been in storage from previous office moves. In total, 10% of the project was comprised of reused materials, including chairs, rugs, stools, and benches.

We also implemented a consolidated delivery approach, which included items like pedestals, storage cabinets, racking, and electrics. This not only streamlined the delivery process but significantly reduced our shipment and carbon footprint.

In the end, the Houlihan Lokey Munich project wasn't just about creating an aesthetically pleasing workspace; it was about doing so efficiently and sustainably.

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Houlihan Lokey


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