Kingfisher Plc

The initial spark ignited when the existing space no longer fulfilled Kingfisher Plc's needs, particularly in terms of collaborative areas. The goal was clear: develop a flexible solution that could accommodate various types of meetings and settings. Additionally, there was an emphasis on the importance of incorporating sustainable elements throughout the project.


Aesthetics also played a vital role. As owners of B&Q and Screwfix , the project aimed to showcase the inherent beauty found in the assembly and construction of furniture. The goal was to discover and accentuate the captivating aspects of product make and construction.

The overarching objective encompassed multiple facets. It aimed to address the shortcomings of the existing space, provide abundant collaborative areas, ensure adaptability, incorporate sustainable elements, and emphasise the aesthetic appeal of furniture assembly and construction.


Achieving success in several areas, the project excelled in transforming the space's look and feel. The inclusion of the Fold Sofa by MARK Product in the reception area allows visitors to appreciate its intricate folds and construction, revealing its inherent beauty. Similarly, the selection of the Established & Sons Beam table adds a visually appealing element, reminiscent of beams, enhancing the space's overall appeal.

Another notable achievement was the project's emphasis on adaptability. By implementing the Oe1 Collection by Herman Miller in the dedicated desk area, walls and partitions could be effortlessly moved. This addition provided flexibility for various types of meetings and settings. The inclusion of tables and partitions on casters facilitated easy reconfiguration, enabling the space to adapt to changing needs.


Highlighting the significance of sustainability, we were able to provide Kingfisher Plc with a comprehensive overview of sustainability indicators. This included the utilisation of natural materials, volume of circular content, and certifications. With this holistic view, Kingfisher Plc was empowered to make more environmentally conscious furniture choices, furthering their commitment to sustainability.

This project stands as a testament to sustainability-driven design, and the seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality. It showcases the power of creating spaces that not only cater to diverse needs but also prioritise sustainability and craftsmanship, resulting in an inspiring and impactful environment.

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Kingfisher Plc



Project Management & Install, Workspace Planning, Storage & Warehousing, Move Management, Product Selection, Procurement, Furniture Supplier, Delivery and Installation


Square Footage:
30,000 sqft

Radii Partitioning, Established & Sons, Visplay, JBH, Oscar Acoustics, Vitra, Zandur, Abstracta, Interface, Shaw Carpets, Apollo, Herman Miller, 3 Form Flek, Solus

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