To design a creative place that enhances the thought process whilst making the space very bright with a feeling of summer and spring. Places to focus and collaborate with a tea point to take people away from their desk to either have lunch or to meet.



Furniture Supplier, Planning & Design Support, Project Management & Install, Move Management

Retail, Tech

Ratio, Mirra 2, Quinze & Milan, Herman Miller, Maine, Davison Highley

"It's quite surprising, the amount of difference it makes. I'm really happy with everything that has been done" - Pushpendra Rishi, employee

"It's really improved the quality of our work here and our experience of working for motors" - Klaudia Rudna, employee

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Du Foyer is a sister company of Tsunami Axis; both of which are part of the Torrington Group.

Our Du Foyer online shop is available to individual buyers looking for home furniture and equipment as well as corporates looking to provide a homeworking offering to its employees.

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