A Multinational Investment Bank

This multinational investment bank's newly established office encapsulates a harmonious blend of eclectic and elegant elements, forging an ideal ambiance for both their esteemed team and valued clients.

With a focus on high design and fine finishes, our expertise and knowledge were essential in meeting both aesthetic and budgetary requirements. Working closely with project designers TP Bennett, we embarked on an exhaustive tender program to ensure the successful execution of this landmark project.

Sustainability and Furniture Choices

Sustainability was prioritised in the furniture choices, aligning with the client's commitment to a greener future. Products that not only boasted exceptional design but also held significant sustainability credentials were carefully selected.

One such choice was the Arum Chair by INCLASS, which holds the esteemed GREENGUARD Gold Certification. This certification guarantees that the products contribute to safer and healthier indoor air quality, ensuring a conducive environment for the client's employees.

For task chairs, the Embody Task Chair by Herman Miller impressed with its sustainability features. With 36% recycled content, including 21% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer, this chair minimised its environmental impact. Additionally, its impressive recyclability rate of up to 93% further reinforced its commitment to a circular economy.

Recognising the importance of responsible forest management, the PEFC certified Crona Lounge Armchair by Brunner was also incorporated. This certification provided concrete evidence of sustainable forest management practices, assuring the client that their furniture choices aligned with their environmental goals.


At Tsunami Axis, we take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail. Delivering and installing furniture with high-end finishes without damage. Through careful planning and execution, we ensured that every furniture installation was completed with utmost care. Preserving the exquisite finishes and guaranteeing an impeccable final result.

Our experienced team successfully managed the complex AV schedule. Collaborating closely with the professional team and the client to integrate audio-visual systems into the workspace. Understanding the importance of efficient timelines, cost-effectiveness, and reduced environmental impact, we prioritised sourcing UK-manufactured products. By doing so, we minimised lead times and costs while significantly reducing the project's carbon footprint.

Collaborating on this project has been a tremendous experience for Tsunami Axis. Through our expertise and attention to detail, we successfully delivered furniture solutions that seamlessly blended high design, sustainability, and functionality.

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A Multinational Investment Bank


TP Bennett

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