Personal Assets Trust and Juniper Partners

Tsunami Axis were delighted to partner with Personal Assets Trust and Juniper Partners for their new office refurbishment project within Walker Street, in the heart of Edinburgh.

With a very unique, bold and traditional aspiration, this really was a special project to be part of.

Personal Assets Trust and Juniper Partners wanted to create a distinctive office environment that worked in tandem with the companies’ character, ethos and heritage. The desire was to obtain a modern yet traditional office space which related to their culture and history.

With key focus on traditional colours and fabrics such as Bute Tweed, Futura Birch Leather, Kvadrat Merit & Melange nap, the products selected were brought to life and aligned to the key objectives.

Successfully managed from start to completion by TA North’s Tim Keppie, a simply stunning finish to a traditional office environment which Tsunami Axis are extremely proud to have played our part in the very successful outcome of delivery of this beautiful project within the heart of Edinburgh.

Personal Assets Trust


Wellwood Leslie

Product Selection, Delivery and Installation, Project Management


Square Footage:

William Hands, Boss Design, New Design Group, Muuto

"Professional, welcoming, great understanding of the vision and were able to provide lots of options. The team dealt well with the challenge of the COVID crisis and we found them to be very engaged and practical. They even managed to provide various site visits during this time. The team provided valuable advice on the project and we would not hesitate to recommend them."

Executive Director, Personal Assets Trust and Juniper Partners.

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