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The Royal London Group embarked on a journey to establish a sophisticated workspace which embedded sustainability by relocating to 80 Fenchurch Street, London. Our relationship with the UK's largest mutual life, pensions and investment company has spanned eight years, and this new venture reflects their ongoing trust in us as the furniture supplier for their workspaces.

A Shift in Aesthetics

In a bold departure from their previous offices, the Royal London Group envisioned a new aesthetic. This time opting for a premium corporate style characterised by a neutral palette. The new office introduced more natural wood finishes, creating an ambiance of warmth and connection with the environment.

Sustainable Solutions Integration

Aligning with RLG's operational climate commitments, we introduced a diverse range of sustainable initiatives, incorporating circular design principles, eco-conscious materials, and energy-efficient processes. These additions not only enhanced the visual and functional aspects of the workspace but also contributed to the creation of a healthier and more environmentally friendly environment.

Nurturing Environmental Responsibility

One pivotal aspect of the sustainable initiative was the repurposing of existing furniture. The process of reclaiming furniture from various RLG offices involved meticulous disassembly, packing, and shipping. Furthermore, we breathed new life into monitor arms and task chairs, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing waste. All reused furniture underwent rigorous steam cleaning to meet stringent hygienic standards.

Additionally, we scoured second-hand markets to source Vitra tables, which we revitalised with updated tops. This approach not only gave the tables a fresh, contemporary look but also ensured their alignment with the new office's aesthetic, all while diminishing the need for new resource consumption.

Crafting a Functional Workspace

Our furniture selections aimed to blend form and function. Notable choices included Harp by Connection space dividers, strategically facilitating area zoning while allowing light and ambiance to flow throughout the space.

The Ever Armchair, a creation of designer Ric Frampton, seamlessly marries aesthetics and sustainability. Crafted with eco-conscious principles, this chair offers easy disassembly for future recycling. It boasts impressive durability, supported by a 10-year warranty, and features a take-back program enabling clients to return the chair for responsible recycling.

In the Wellbeing rooms, furniture choices considered the specific needs of users, such as in the mothering room. The Frovi Trost armchair was an ideal selection due to its exceptional support, comfort, and enveloping design that embraces users.

Staying on Budget

The successful completion of the project within budget stands as a testament to the meticulous planning and cost-effective execution exercised throughout the project. This accomplishment not only ensured the financial integrity of the project but also reflected our commitment to responsible project management.

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