Product Spotlight: Abstracta x Wall of Art

Abstracta and art platform Wall of Art have collaborated to develop a unique solution that combines acoustics with art. The objective is to create harmonious soundscapes while giving spaces personality and character with works from exciting artists.

“A simple way to create both a pleasant soundscape and an interesting atmosphere.”

Abstraca x Wall of Art

Although the panels are no thicker than 45 millimetres, their acoustic capacity is very high. They effectively absorb ambient noise, making them ideal for busy, noisy environments.

Abstraca x Wall of Art

Behind the motifs, is an effective sound absorber made from textile waste and polyester reclaimed from recycled PET bottles to ensure minimal environmental impact. Together with its oak frame, the cotton fabric helps to enhance tactile feel and create an elegant overall impression, suiting the panels well to settings like restaurants, hotel lobbies, and co-working spaces.

Abstraca x Wall of Art

The collection features 13 different designs created by four artists:

Lucrecia Rey Caro

A  full-time artist and graphic designer from Cordoba, Argentina. A curious person who loves to experiment with new concepts and ideas. Lucrecia uses her art to express her thoughts and feelings. She draws inspiration from everyday life, nature, poetry, films and music.

Lisa Wirenfelt

Her paintings are very much about colour. Combinations that make Lisa feel good, words that have a greater meaning and patterns that only arise.

Evelina Kroon

A cross-disciplinary creative within the fields of painting and set-design, exploring the borders between fine and decorative arts. She employs a graphic yet eclectic aesthetic that brings traditionally female crafts to mind.

Annika Hultgren

It all started with a picture wall that would be the focal point of her new apartment. She found however that personal and affordable art prints were hard to find, so she decided to pick up the brush and paint some herself. She creates her art according to colours and shapes that inspire her.



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