Tsunami Axis Frankfurt Showroom Launch

As Herman Miller’s largest accredited partner-dealer outside North America, Tsunami Axis is invited to open a flagship office furniture showroom in Frankfurt.

Why did we open in Frankfurt?

Tsunami Axis already has bases in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. We want to replicate the success we have in the UK over in Germany. We are fortunate enough to work with global organisations such as eBay, Discovery and Astra Zeneca. For these clients, we regularly complete projects on mainland Europe. So an office and showroom with a local team in Germany seems like a great step forward.

Frankfurt is a very commercially minded city so we were very pleased when the opening came up there.

Tony Ash, COO at Tsunami Axis

Tsunami Axis Frankfurt Showroom

Tsunami Axis Frankfurt Showroom

Herman Miller invites Tsunami Axis to launch in Frankfurt

Following Brexit, we believe a lot of companies will move within mainland Europe. Herman Miller and Tsunami Axis have a flagship store in Frankfurt to enable us to better support international projects.

The relationship with Herman Miller and Tsunami Axis really sticks out. Rob, one of the owners of Tsunami Axis, worked for Herman Miller before setting up Tsunami Axis. We share a passion for the brand Herman Miller.

Dominik Ramminger, Director of Channel Development at Herman Miller

Dominik Ramminger + Stefan Rieder

Dominik Ramminger + Stefan Rieder

The Showroom Launch

For the great unveil, we threw a party where about 150 industry professionals attended. As well as celebrating our new showroom, Herman Miller also launched the Cosm task chair in Germany. Studio 7.5, who are the designers of the Cosm, attended the evening to present their latest invention. We did a private Q+A with them before the event which you can see here. (Carola Zwick and Burkhard Schmitz discuss design, inspiration and Herman Miller.)

The designers at Studio 7.5

The designers at Studio 7.5 at the Tsunami Axis Frankfurt Showroom Launch

The Showroom Design

The two-storey showroom is located on the ground floor of the high-rise complex on the Eschersheimer Landstraße in the Main metropolis. Conveniently located and close to the city center, the showroom presents a selection of products we supply.

The design of the showroom was based on 3 factors:

– The implementation of the Tsunami Axis & Herman Miller brand to compliment our London and Edinburgh Showrooms

– The collaboration with HM to create a showroom (both in brand and in products)

– German trends and markets

From this brief, a unique hybrid showroom has been created, that contains sympathetic products & branding, and also functions as a forward thinking and future proof work-space.

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