The Future of Work: Spacelab X TA Discussion

We sit down with Rosie Haslem, a director at Spacelab. Spacelab recently conducted a survey on the future of work. We discuss the new normal of working from home and how this will change how, where and when we work. How and when will we go back to the office and what will it be like? Will we be working from home a lot more from now on? We tackle the discussion around “the death of the office”. We end on a very interesting point about how our spaces outside of the “office” will change and how our home space will adapt to accommodate our worklife.

This discussion is centred around results collected from over 1200 people who took part in Spacelab’s survey. There has been a lot of speculation and assumptions drawn from this unprecedented time but now we have some real insight. We are using this to inspire us to lead the change on the future of work.

Watch the discussion below and see the results of the survey in the bottom link.

Survey Results of The Future of Work

The future of work

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