Introducing Your Newest Stakeholder…

When it comes to stakeholders, you probably list your investors, employees, clients and suppliers. You perhaps wouldn’t think about listing the planet as a key stakeholder. But today, the environment is a key concern for corporations and the wider population. It is about time we add the planet to this list of stakeholders and think more about its interests, such as recycling.

Why TA are recycling

In an effort to reduce our waste, carbon and therefore costs, one of our employees has invested her time to help us get one step closer to a greener future!

Niamh O’Sullivan, who is championing this push in our Edinburgh office, explains why this change is not only good for the environment but also our bottom line.

Since we started recycling in the Edinburgh office, we have noticed a huge decrease in the amount of general waste being collected each week. We’re doing our bit for the environment and also saving money by sending less to landfill each week! The Changeworks recycle report is helpful to see the difference we are making and encourages us to recycle as much as possible.

Niamh O’Sullivan, Tsunami Axis

Tsunami Axis are making a conscious effort to reduce and recycle paper, cardboard and plastic bottles in the offices. Since June 2018, TA Scotland alone has saved the equivalent of one HGV truck driving 293.47km.

So how can you apply this in your own workplace?

1. Redesign your Bin Layout

By placing recyclable bins right next to the general waste bin, people will think twice before throwing their recyclables in the general waste. Unfortunately, if the recycling bin is on the other side of the office, people will take the lazy option and throw recycling in the general waste bin right next to them!

2. Stickers and Posters

Labeling your bins and putting up posters significantly reduces the risk of contamination and confusion over where materials go.

3. Staff Training & Enhanced Communications

Even after you have clearly labelled the bins, there is still often a lot of confusion regarding which materials go where and why. Staff training can help reduce confusion and, in turn, the risk of contamination.

Clearly Labelled Recycle Bins at eBay Barcelona Office

Clearly Labelled Recycle Bins at eBay Barcelona Office

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