Ted Baker

Step into the captivating world of Ted Baker at 101 Cleveland Street, where sustainability and British manufacturing take centre stage. Inspired by the charm of a British town, the design seamlessly connects pre-existing retail units, offering their team and guests a one-of-a-kind and engaging experience.

Immersing Visitors in the Ted Baker Experience

Spacelab’s design was carefully crafted to take visitors on a curated journey, akin to strolling through a charming British town. Emphasising a seamless flow between interconnected retail units, their goal was to maximise utilisation and enhance the overall experience. The design concept, aptly named "Ted Townscape," celebrated Ted Baker's rich British heritage and unwavering commitment to UK manufacturing. The aesthetic choices showcase a fusion of classic British elements with contemporary design, creating a quintessentially British space. From the selection of materials to the incorporation of intricate details, the design exemplified the brand's identity and created a unique office environment.

Upholding Environmental Responsibility

Integral to the Ted Baker project was a deep commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by several key initiatives.

The project prioritised the use of British designed furniture that met stringent sustainable criteria. By carefully selecting furniture options aligned with sustainable practices, the project team significantly reduced the environmental impact associated with furniture production and sourcing. An exemplary showcase of sustainable material usage was the incorporation of De Vorm bar stools made from recycled PET felt, derived from recycled plastic bottles. By choosing this eco-friendly material, the project demonstrated a dedication to utilising recycled resources and minimising waste in an innovative way.

Another noteworthy inclusion was the deadgood Naked Chair, designed with removable components. This feature enables customisation by swapping out the seat and back, eliminating the need to purchase an entirely new chair. By embracing circular design principles, the project promoted the longevity of products, reducing waste and encouraging a more sustainable approach to consumption.

The project team further exemplified resourcefulness by repurposing and reusing existing furniture items. Through refurbishment techniques like respraying table legs, they breathed new life into old tables, significantly reducing waste and embracing the principles of upcycling.

Moreover, the original property shell and base build proudly maintained BREEAM Excellent certification, a recognised standard for sustainable building design. This certification validated the project's adherence to sustainability principles and ensured the overall environmental performance of the space.

Bringing Vision to Life

Maintaining consistency with Ted Baker's brand identity was a crucial aspect of the project. The Tsunami Axis project team meticulously ensured that all furniture selections seamlessly aligned with the brand's unique aesthetic. By identifying furniture that accurately represented the brand's style, the project successfully upheld Ted Baker's distinct identity throughout the space, creating a cohesive and immersive brand experience. And finally, by prioritising sustainability and embracing resourcefulness, the project showcased a commitment to responsible design and construction practices.

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Ted Baker



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Working with Tsunami Axis was a joy from the first introductions by our project architects. As an in-house interior design team, we were initially unsure of working with a “contract furniture” supplier but very quickly we were impressed with the Tsunami Axis team as they really understood the look and feel of what we were trying to achieve and presented us with a perfect variety of options to suit (or stretch) our budget. Once selected and agreed they supplied superb product from several sources and delivered to an ever-changing schedule – on time EVERY time. Followed by superb aftercare as so much so that we have already returned for further orders.

Mark Valerio, Brand Creative Director

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